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Asked: 5 years ago

What's a good attribute build for a dwarven tank?

What's a good attribute build for a dwarven tank?

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From: seekuh 5 years ago

Sorry but what do you mean by attribute?
Do you mean stat points?- Strenght, Dex and Health.
Health/Constitution because a tanks needs to take the damage rather than other team members, strenght in order to wear heavy armor thus reducing the damage taken and dex for being able to dodge and augment damage from piercing weapons.
the best talent school to fill out is the shield school-i.e. shield wall the character becomes a fortress. for this school you will need strenght 32 and 26dex if i remember correctly.
armor: here it depends on which armor you will want to go with. the heaviest armor requires 42 strenght. However, to be honest I have tried them and I got the best results with (SPOILERS) armor of diligence, if you dont want to spend money or even better : Evon the Great armor, this one will cost you alot though.
For the latter you will need 38 strenght.
I found it more viable to stick to 38 strenght than spending more points that only really affect your ability to wear armor.
(MORE SPOILERS) Other armors people also tend to use are (this is excluding wardens keep stuff) the massive dragonscale armor, juggernaut and armor of the legion. For these i think you will need 42 strength.
If you have just started playing go and spend the points were you see fit for the moment. I usually distrubute were ever i see fit.

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oh wait...i hope you picked warrior and not rogue? If you picked rogue forget pure tank, maybe off tank but to be honest rogues are better for dps.

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