Question from seekuh

How do I solve Lelianas personal quest when she isnt giving me any options?

Its late in the game and she just isnt giving me any options to talk to her. she s over 70-warm approval.
Maybe cause im adore with morrigan? I'm jsut not getting any chat options....arrgh.

seekuh provided additional details:

I know, not my first time through the game, but im nearly before the Landsmeet and im just not getting any chat options from her for the quest. Maybe a bug or something.

Accepted Answer

plucky027 answered:

After getting the first dialogue about her time as a bard, happens are pretty low approval, you have to travel with her in your group. Eventually a random encounter comes up with an assassin who is trying to kill her. Upon questioning the assassin you are directed to where Marjolaine is hiding out in Denerim.

Your approval or relationship with Morrigan has no effect on when/if/how/etc you get Leliana's sidequest.
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