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What happens when a character dies? [can they be resurrected?]

What happens when a character dies? [during battle of course]

Can they be resurrected at the party camp? [or city?]

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plucky027 answered:

When a player falls during battle they are considered 'incapacitated' not dead. After combat has ended you may walk over them and they will get back up. Also, given the revival mage spell you can bring them back during combat.

If all party members fall during battle you are done and must reload from a previous save.
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plucky027 answered:

Forgot to mention: when a character falls in battle they sustain an 'Injury'. This injury acts as a debuff which reduces a stat at random. Each time the character falls another injury is sustained which adds to the previous one. These injuries can be removed in the field with Injury Kits or by returning to your camp. I think the Spirit Healer ability Cleansing Aura is also supposed to remove Injuries.
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