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What tactical "Status" is death?

I'm setting up my tactics and would like my healer to cast the appropriate spell when one of my characters goes down (dies/unconscious). However looking through the list of Statuses in the Tactics menu, I don't see anything that sounds like a death state.
I also checked for a Health=0 state under the Health menu, but there's nothing there either.
The full list of available Statuses is: Can't Attack, Charmed, Paralyzed, Stunned, Sleeping, Knockdown, Rooted, Disoriented, Slowed, Grabbed, Grabbing, Immobilized, and Movement Impaired.

Accepted Answer

CrippledCarny answered:

There isn't a death status in tactics, so you can't have your mage auto res a dead party member. The best thing you could do is pause the game as fast as you can after someone dies and then queue up a res.
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