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How do I get to the Nightmares in the fade?

Ok so I did all the things in the 5 islands and like I think Im done now. How do I know if Im done with those?! I did everything in the islands and I dont know what to frikkin do next. How do I get to the nightmares?!?!

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plucky027 answered:

Basically, you aren't done with the other ones heh.

To get to the nightmares the other sections that connect to them must be completed first.

Each of the middle circle of sections has a demon at the end you must defeat. To get to all of the demons you must aquire all the forms first. Which means you have to go into each section multiple times to complete them. Yes, backtracking is required. Even the section which Niall is in has a demon to defeat. There is a spirit door you must enter right next to the fade pedestal right next to him.

Also, if you wish to get all of the stat bonus there is quite a bit of backtracking required as you gain the new forms.

The way to know if a section is fully completed is there will be a silver symbol displayed on it. Look at the very first section you entered where you faced the false Duncan. That symbol will tell you that you have defeated the demon and are done with that particular section.

The nightmares contain your trapped party members. If you went into the Mage Tower solo (not likely) they will be empty. The middle section is the final boss, the sloth demon that trapped you there.

Hopefully that answer wasn't too long-winded, I just woke up heh.
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