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Where is the desire deamon?

Yes I am looking for spoilers. Where is the desire deamon and what is the point of her?

Arcom8065 asked for clarification:

Too many of them to answer. Major plot one found during Redcliff. Minor side story one found in the Tower of Magi. DLC has one. And you find them sprinkled in as elite type monsters in a few places.

LeoNidus232 provided additional details:

Whats the freaky looking crap on youtube I saw where your hero actually has sex with the desire demon. How does that have anything to do with the story? I mean it implies it anyway.

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plucky027 answered:

The YouTube video you watched was probably the demon I mentioned previously. When you enter the Fade to save Conner she will confront you and attempt to engage you in conversation. You can choose to bargain with her and she will grant you a boon in exchange for not destroying her. This allows her to hide out for a while then come back to torment Conner again the future. So yes, this whole encounter really does pertain to the story.

There are a number of things you can ask from her in exchange for sparing her, that video shows one of them. The primary purpose of this bargain, however, is to unlock the Blood Mage specialization. On other run-thrus of the game after you already have this specialization unlocked you can use this encounter to gain other things instead.
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plucky027 answered:

Desire Demons are encountered at a number of times in the game, they are just one of many types of demons. They generally appear as red, mostly naked, female demons.

However, I'm assuming you're asking about the demon which gives you access to Blood Mage specialization. At the end of Redcliffe Castle you have the choice the enter the Fade to battle the desire demon controlling Conner. If you are a mage and choose to take your own character into the Fade you can bargain with her to teach you blood magic.
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