Question from garou_down

Asked: 5 years ago

Where are all six Revenents?

I've tracked down 1-4, and 6, but missed the 5th. Can anyone me out?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Thanks, but where is the Revenent in Denerim?

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From: FFcraft 5 years ago

There are 8 total Revenants in the game, they are located here. Don't forget to use Tab to highlight where the phylactery's are.

Caridin's Cross
West Brecilian Forest
East Brecilian Forest
Circle Tower
Orzammar Royal Palace
Redcliffe Castle
Werewolf Lair

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The one in Denerim is a random encounter and sits at the top of a set of stairs, its where you get tricked into going in the gate and it shuts leaving only one member to fight and you have to pull the lever to open the gate.

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