Question from Adoil_HandofGod

Asked: 5 years ago

Do multiple Rapid Aims and Imp. Blood Magics stack?

For example, if I equipped my archer with Falon'Din's Reach (L.Bow +2dam, Rapid Aim) and Armsman's Tensioner (L.Helm +6atk, Rapid Aim) will the two instances of Rapid Aim...:
(A) stack granting even greater attack speed,
(B) overlap granting no increased benefit, or
(C) cancel out and screw me like Momentum+Haste?

Same question for the Improved Blood Magic effects on the Blood Ring and Avernus' Robes.

Thanks for you help and time everybody.

Accepted Answer

From: plucky027 5 years ago

The answer is: (B) overlap granting no increased benefit

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