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How should i build alistair? how should i build my character who is a sword and shield too?

Every time he level's up should it be 2 dex and 1 strength or what? i

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Kainin00 answered:

Get strength to 42 asap so you can equip the strongest armors possible as you get them. Otherwise they'll rot in your inventory till you lvl up enough to equip them. Make sure you have dexterity to 20 by lvl 9 and 26 by lvl 12 for shield wall and shield mastery respectively. Once those conditions are met you can either continue to improve dexterity or you can start improving Constitution. Dex makes you a more evasive tank while con makes you a more sturdy tank (not knocked down, stunned as much.)

If you really want a lvl by lvl guide then start your MC off with 16dex and the rest in str. Go to the circle of magi after Lothering and you should have enough dex for shield wall after that part is done.You also should have 38 str by lvl 8 and can make up the difference for the full 42 in the circle of magi. (the fade to be specific.) After that switch to building dexterity exclusively. Alternately, switch to Con and only boost dex @ lvl 11 and 12 to 23 and 26 for shield mastery.

Alistair is a bit more problematic. You won't get str up to 42 until lvl 14-15. and, even with the con bonus from high approval, you still will have more dex, so you might be better off just concentrating on dex after hitting 42 str. your choice though. Just remember to have his totals up to 20 and 26 for lvl's 9 and 12.
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plucky027 answered:

Basically what Kainin has stated is the way to go. A small side note worth mentioning though:

Many people run Alistair with the Knight-Commander's Armor this only requires 39 strength (use with Boots and Gloves of Diligence). Also, items with +str bonuses can assist in reaching the higher strength requirements of massive armors sooner. Bonuses from items do not, however, allow you to pick up higher talents.
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Kainin00 answered:

Good point about the stat bonus plucky, I had completely overlooked that.

Warning however.

If you replace a piece with the stat bonus's on it, you can still have the higher tier armor equipped with less str. But if you ever remove the higher tier armor, you will need to find the old +stat items or revert to an older save.
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