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Is there any other way to buy or find drake scales?

I ask because I accidentaly "broken" (destructed / trashed) the scales I got from the drakes in the quest for the Urn of Sacred Ashes to make room in my inventory, and unfortunately I don't have any saved game from wich I can continue the game with these items. So, if there is no NPC that can sell these items, I fear that the only option would be using cheat codes to "retrieve" it - but I see no code related to my needs in the cheat list, and I really want Wade to make the armors... Sorry for my bad English.

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plucky027 answered:

There are no other drake scales located in the game itself. The only option I see is using a saved game editing program, which I'll provide no tips on locating or using as it's software to be used at your own risk.

Reloading from a previous saved game is your best option. Or just remembering this error on your next play-thru.
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frogorgy answered:

There are two drake scales in a locked chest on the fourth floor of the Circle Tower. You should encounter it shortly after fighting the drake.
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