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Reloading time ?

Why it takes almost 10 minutes to move to another location?

Cheat_user138 provided additional details:

I got 2gb of memory, and 256 for graphic card, its onboard, i set the game into very high detail and texture, the game run smoothly, no lags and thing, but when i try to move from area, it takes a long time.

Cheat_user138 provided additional details:

So, the problem is the graphic card?
But honestly the game run smoothly in high detail and texture (high, not very high)

Accepted Answer

calmingeffects answered:

My computer did this one or twice but usually doesn't. I also run on High and it usually runs great...the reason I have come to is when my stupid computer is doing some random update I didn't know about. So I usually double check that my computer doesn't have its own agenda before I start up DA
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ArthasEvil answered:

My loading never took that long... It must be your pc or something messing up the game.
Have you tried to lower your graphic configuration or game resolution?
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plucky027 answered:

You'll need to post complete system specs, every last detail, if you want better answers.

From the limited information posted, you have half the system RAM and video RAM I'd recommend for this game. That can easily contribute to poor loading times especially when using graphic settings higher than you should be. Honestly, with a graphics card that bad and outdated I'm surprised you can even run the game on high textures at all.
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plucky027 answered:

Quote: "So, the problem is the graphic card?"

Possibly, but I didn't say that exactly. I said to post your complete system specs if you want a real answer.
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bigdog91paper2 answered:

The textures shouldn't cause a problem, I run high textures with an Intel Chipset4 GMA4500MHD at 30fps, but low graphic quality and resolution. It's probably the ram...and possible his HDD might have a slow speed as it might be old if it's a fixed up rig. do spells ever lag when you use them? As in not affect anything for a few seconds after the casting?
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