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Cheats in a notebook?

I have a VAIO notebook with Windows 7. I've followed the instructions and created a shortcut for daorigins in the bin_ship folder and added " -enabledeveloperconsole" to the end. However, when I open the game, the key ~ (which is also the ` key) does nothing but toggle run/walk speed. Am I doing something wrong? Is there another key I should be using?

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plucky027, thank you very much for your help. The line was "OpenConsole_0=(UNASSIGNED)". I changed it to "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_O", but pressing "o" still does nothing.

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From: aoidenyx 4 years ago

You need to have3 a space between the " and the -enabledeveloperconsole.
Then click ok not apply.
This is how it should look:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole

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Then go into the keybindings.ini file located in "My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings\" Find the line "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_X"

(GRAVE is default, change X to any button that is not already used in the game.)

I use: Button_Insert

If you wish to the Tilde key (~) you have to type Tilde not ~

Also for laptop keyboards the default names of certain keys is often different. On mine the Tilde key (~) comes up as KANJI. My recommendation is to pick a different key.

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Hi, i am running the game on a laptop, windows 7.
I am facing the problem of not being able to add the comand "-enabledeveloperconsole" behind the .exe game path.
Please assist me.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe"-enabledeveloperconsole

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