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How do I beat Branka?

I have Wynne, Leliana, and myself as a tank, with Shield Mastery. Leliana is using a bow and Wynne is, well, Wynne. It's pissing the s*** outta me because everyone except me dies pretty much as soon as the battle starts, then I die from 6 golems and Branka. I understand Branka gets stronger from the Lyriem (which I use when I need hp/mana when either start to run low), but that's about ALL I know. Can someone please give a strategy on how to beat her?

Korok13 provided additional details:

OK thanks. I'm not wearing the dragonbone, but I do have the Juggernaut, so hopefully that will suffice. Thanks again!

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hsujoe answered:

I just beat her last night and it was very easy for me. I'm using the same group makeup as you and I thought the fight was simple. Branka doesn't do too much damage. And you have 2 golems helping you so it's not too bad. You have to make sure both of your golems have aggro on one enemy golem each. My tank is using the full dragonbone armor and can tank the rest of the golems + branka no problem. Make sure you're using taunt if the other golems are attacking your other party members. If aggro is no problem, it's just a matter of focus firing the golems down. I took down the white ones first, then yellow ones, then branka. I played as Wynn in the fight and took all the lyrium veins around branka. I didn't even wait for my mana to get low.
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hsujoe answered:

To clarify the kill order a bit: I killed those on my golems first with Leliana and Ogren. After all the enemy golems were down, I still had one friendly golem with me attacking Branka.
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