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How many endigs there are?

I was wondering how many endings there are so I can obtain the achievement.

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plucky027 answered:

There are 4 primary endings. Sacrificing yourself, Alistair, Loghain, and Morrigan's ritual. Doing all 4 results in the Perfectionist achievement.

There are other minor changes to the epilogue based on origin and how certain quests are completed, but have no effect on these achievements.
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Deamonic_Dragon answered:

uhmmm this is a hard one to answer cause it depends on the viewpoint of what u call an ending but i'll try.
4 ways of killing the Archdemon thats for sure
4 ways of the Throne Appointment.
12 things the PC can do after the Archdemon is destroyed.
4 different "romance" endings
All your companions can do different things depending on your choices throughout the game and your approval with them.
and there are DOZENS and i repeat DOZENS of smaller things what can/will show up on the Epilogue pages.
so start counting the diffrent routes u can take, making different decisions, being nice, being evil, male female race origin etcetcetc.
If u go to "" there u find a page called Epilogue to see more details.
greeting DD
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