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What is a good game controller for this game?

I have the ps3 version and the pc version of the game. I like the pc version better but like the controller of the ps3 better is there a good controller to use on this game? I have a hard time using the mouse for this game would like to buy a handheld controller similiar to the ps3 controller but to use on the pc.

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My main problem with using the mouse is moving the camera.

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plucky027 answered:

Camera movement should, most often, be achieved with the A and D buttons on your keyboard. It's a lot easier than trying to mouse it.

The vast majority of all character movement should be done by utilizing the W,A,S,D + Q,E keys.
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plucky027 answered:

To each their own, but I find there is no better way to manage the number of abilities and variables in this game than a keyboard and mouse. If there is a specific issue you are having with using your mouse, maybe I can provide tips on how to better utilize it.

I did some searches on BioWare's forums and didn't come up with any positive information on using a game controller for the PC version of this game.

The PC version of this game does not support the menus found in the console versions as they are not needed. Therefore, you'd need a controller that supported cursor control and would have to actively use the mouse cursor with a thumbstick. I'm unsure if a custom controller with 30+ mappable hotkeys would even be compatible with this game as the only thing I do not like about the PC version is there are limited in-game keymaps available. For example, you can change any keybind but can't add more hotkey commands for firing abilities and must click.

If you want a PC controller with the same button layout as a PS3 controller, I know both Logitech and Saitek make them and probably others. Can be found at most major electronics retailers, both in stores and online. How to fully transfer the control given by a complete keyboard and mouse layout to a controller with only 9 buttons using limited keybinding options is beyond me tho. From what information I have available, my guess is you'd have very limited functionality and would still depend on the keyboard and mouse for over half of the in-game functions.
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