Question from spidyboy91

How do I release sten?

Need some help with this.. I don't understand with this quest.. where can i find revered mother

Accepted Answer

DW2189 answered:

There are a few ways to release him. You can pick the lock in the cage if you're a rogue or have one on your party. Or you could talk to the Revered Mother, who's in the back room on the right in the Chantry. You might not be able to convince her to release Sten, but if you take Leliana with you (she's in the Tavern in case you don't have her) she'll convince the Mother to let him go.
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Elsymir answered:

The Revered Mother in in the back-right of the Chantry. The Chantry is back towards the middle of town, by the Chantry board (close to where the merchant vs. chanter confrontation went on).
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