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Can't use the cheat?

I already do what hey told and change the keybindings into OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_O and in the game i try pushing the O but i can still can move around, can anyone tell me what i did wrong?

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theverbisalie answered:

It's possible that O is a function already in the game in some shape. Have you tried the tilde key (~)? All else fails, just set it back to the default setting which is "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_Grave" obviously without quotes.
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at3tucker answered:

when you are in the shortcut options you have to make sure you ad the "-" (no the quotations but the dash) so it looks like Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole
between the exe" and said - i had the same problem you did.
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angela46 answered:

Keeps saying inventry full but when i empty some makes no differance?
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