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Can i do Circle of Magi with this group?

Right now i have me, a 13 mage, Alister as tank/damage, Shale as tank/ damage and Liliana as rogue. For the Circle of Magi quest, Wynn has to join ur group as far as i know. So what would be the best group for this since i will have two mages in the group? I would still like to open chests but this isn't a neccesity if it will make me unable to beat this part.

Jviper21 provided additional details:

But what about Shale? She seems to be a very good fighter and id rather not not use her. Do you think i could do it with her or should i stay with the group you recommended?

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plucky027 answered:

You (PC Mage), Alistair, Wynne, & Leliana is a great combo. Set up Wynne's tactics and spells to focus on healing, with a good setup she's pretty self-sufficient. Leaves you open to handle the rest of the spell-casting.
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