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How do you complete the elvan ritual?

When your in the werewolf layer, there's this area where there's a fountain in the ground and it has an earthen jug in it. There's also an alter near it. The tablet says to fill up the earthen jug and place it on the alter. Then you have to pray and take a sip of the water. Is this all? The door isn't opening and it says you need a key. I've completed this before but i don't remember how. Is the key somewhere else?

Jviper21 provided additional details:

Thank for that, i was able to get in.
I have another question though. When i got the chest piece, it said i have 3 of the four pieces. The only piece i am missing is the helm. Where is the helm? Is it at the first gravestone you come across, near the unconcious elf hunter?

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Elsymir answered:

It should be detailed in your journal, but here is what you should do:
Take the jug out of the water,
fill it,
go to the alter and place the jug there,
take a sip
take it off and dump the water in the pool.
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Elsymir answered:

Sorry. You've probably found it by now, but it's in the Southwest forest.
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