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Female Warden - Alistair + Leiliana?

So, is there any way to have Alistair become king so that I can be his queen (human noble of course), AND keep Leiliana as a mistress? Or is that only an option for a male human noble who marries Anora? I guess what I'm asking is if it's possible to end the game with both of their affection levels at Love.

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I already hardened both Leiliana and Alistair. And I check out the Dragon Age wiki often XD Blah.

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pipartyt answered:

It is, actually. But you have to toughen up Leliana first by completing the quest 'Leliana's past'. After the quest you need to talk to her in the camp and during the conversation say either "You're not slipping. This is who you are." or "Don't punish yourself for doing something you enjoy." and she'll be more accepting of less moral decisions. But yeah, both Leliana and Alistair will eventually make you choose between them, I suggest you check out the site Dragon Age Wiki, there's a lot of information about this scenario (and every other) on there. :)
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