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How can I save my games in case something happens?

sorry, not real computer savvy - I was wondering if I can save my games in case of emergency, like if my computer goes (its getting old). Can I copy the whole DOA thing to an external hard drive?
thanks, I'm playing 3 games and would hate to lose them.

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So in the Bioware folder in documents, I can copy the settings and the characters folders periodically to the HD and that will do it? I have XP.

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plucky027 answered:


^--- This is where all your saved game files are stored.

You will also want to copy the Settings folder to preserve profile information (such as specialization unlocks), custom keybindings, and game settings.

Rerouting completely to an external HD is more trouble than it's worth. The external drive could die just as easily as the one in your PC, you'd be required to have your external plugged in 100% of the time to play the game (which defeats the purpose of removable media), and there are easier ways to backup small files (flash drive, online or email storage, etc).

You'll either want to periodically copy and paste the files to backup or you'd want to set up redundant backup which is more than you'll want to do if you are not familiar with these functions.
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Amokhunter answered:

The game saves your files in the documents folder, no way to change that - BUT you can re-route the whole documents folder to your external hdd.
Go to documents folder, context menu, properties, location and enter your external hdd. But i'm not quite sure how windows will react if the external disk is not present somehow. The other obvious solution is to back up your savegames manually, that way you lose a couple of hours at worst and not all your progress. Do that regularly of course, or every time you stop playing for a break or so.
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plucky027 answered:

Correct. If you so choose you can copy the entire DragonAge folder out of Documents. Other information is stored in the other folders, useful if you need to save AddIns or Screenshots for example.
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