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Asked: 4 years ago

Can I get the foursome anytime in the game?

I've already unlocked duelist and Isabella isn't in the Pearl now. I was wondering if I can still get a three or foursome going with Lelianna. I did her personal quest and hardened her.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thanks plucky, I was concerned about the 3some. Guess I'll have to go there later in the game. I wonder tho if I just don't talk to Isabella, will she stay there?
I read your other answers, I will have to try the morrigan, leliana double romancing.

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From: plucky027 4 years ago

Short answer is no. Once Isabella is gone, she does not come back.

Amok's post refers to multi-romances, which there are multiple guides on how to achieve including my own post BioWare's official forums and in multiple other answers on GameFAQs. This is not the 3-4way in question.

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If you timed it right (dont ask me how precisely, as i never did get it right myself) you can get her an morrigan together, but it requires precise timing to trigger the envy talks, be nice to not brake up your chance of restarting it and you should be able to restart morrigans romance, while keeping Lelianas romance alive.
To do this you have to harden Leliana (quite obvious), then somehow trigger the envy talks (get approval with Morrigan, but not too much), break up nicely with Morrigan and you should be able to restart the romance after the Flemeth quest, provided you were nice enough during the breakup.

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Yea, if you just leave she'll stay there until you do speak with her. So feel free to work on desired companions approval ratings or whatever else and come back to it whenever you are ready.

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