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Where do I find Rigby's cache?

I really wanna do this quest.

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kuvuplan answered:

I recall there being 3 different spots for such treasure, though I do not recall which one was Rigby's Cache.

1. To the right of the entrance, all the way to the water, is a camp. Once all the prerequisite are out of the way, the campfire has something in it.

2. There are Chisnd Signs. 8 of them or so all over the map. Only one is active at a time. The first one is north of the camp, but nearly in the camp. Touching it will reveal the next one on your map, keep following those until you find the treasure.

3. Before encountering the Hurlok Emissary, and all the traps and ambush. At the point where the game auto-saves, head north a bit across some stepping stones. There will be wolves and some treasure.

4. There are some ashes that can be messed with, leading to a Orange named monster, and this completes another quest. If this is missed before continuing on, then it is missed completely and never able to be experienced. To find this one, just follow the land/water border to the left after defeating the Emissary. It will be on the top of a hill.
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