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Where can I find the urn of andrastes ashes?

I killed the father guy and now I can't figure out where the ashes are. Do I have to kill the high dragon to find them?

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No, not father Genitivi. In the caverns I reached a room with a bunch of the members of the cult and the "boss" was named father Kilgrim or something. I don't know his name. I reached a cut scene where he offered to let me "redeem myself" for desecrating the temple of Andraste. I opted to kill him instead and now I don't know what to do. I have gone out onto the mountain top and attempted to kill the high dragon a couple times but it hasn't worked. There has been nothing to do with a Gauntlet either.

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AntiH3ro97 answered:

when you say "killed the father guy" do you mean u killed brother genitivi? Also, if you know about the high dragon that means u've found the town of Haven and gone through the big dungeon and come out again onto the mountain. If ur at that point, all u should have to do is just walk forward from where u started on that map. Then u will enter the "Gauntlet". Its just a few puzzles and there are guides to them everywhere.
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