Question from KageTehVamp

How do I unlock the door in Soldier's Peak?

You know after you defeat the rage demon on the second floor? Well, it won't let me open it, it says not possible to pick. Do you need a key or have mastered lock picking??? Please help!


kuvuplan answered:

Yes, you need a key, or a plot device to open it. I think you are at the spot where you need to talk to Sophia to continue. There are walkthroughs with step by step instructions.

Mastered Lock Picking will not let you unlock doors that say impossible to lock. If you heed more skill, it will say "Need More Skill" or "Couldn't Open". Impossible responses require a plot device or a key.
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Mazinger_Kaiser answered:

If its the door with the blue aura talk to Sophia next door, sheesh roam around and talk to somebody!
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