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Ranger and what?

Just a quick question. i have 2 rogues in my party me and leliana. i am duel wielder and archer (i keep swapping). leliana is pure archer. as leliana is bard and i chose my first specialization ranger. i am a bit stuck to decide what shall i keep my 2nd specialization. i cant decide between duelist or assasin for my second specialization and i like archery and duel wielding both more duel wielding i would say. another thing what will be the best 2nd specialization for leliana. thanks and please try to explain your opinion.

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MY STAR finally another answer. VERY USEFUL. your right leliana will make a good ranger and i can set her tactics to summon a companion when in danger or attacked from range. The ranger specialization is really good as you can summon companions one after another. if one dies the other companion could be summoned. however you need alot of stamina for this. The last ranger talents makes ur pets stronger which is very useful. i hardly get to focus on my archery as i get surronded by mobs so pets could be handy in distraction or dealing extra damage. i heard the bear is a great tank and if 2 rangers have 2 bears it would help archers alot and i can do some backstabs aswell. i have three range attackers so one tank (alistair wont do much) i have almost put all my points in dex which is 34. cunning i havent touched i will do that once i get lethiality is my decision right. so far ur advise has made my rogue girl killer with about 60% contribution to party damage. however i mainly duel wield as i am waiting to get far song from the smithy and i want more talents in archery. i also read that if you summon twice really quickly you can have 2 companions but you can only control one of them the other one you have to control manually. i agree with u completely on assasin over duelist. i love traps and poisins and i have atleast 5 poison coatings and 3 grenades that i use often in battle. Runes add insane damage and that helps alot but roses thorn is the best dagger with 3 rune slots other good daggers are in awakening or in DLC's. however i wanted to ask is one longsword and one dagger better than 2 daggers wielded. i mean dont longsword add damage from strenght or is it half strenght and half dex. if axess damage is based dex/str then isnt it better to wield 2 versaille axes with 3 rune slots but the downside is i need 31 strength. for now i am stuck i made my choice on specialization thnks to u but now i am worried about equipment. thanks a million.

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Just need to tell u a thing "cripplecarny". i have notices that at the start of the game my damage for the bow was a bit better than my damage with a dagger. slowly my damage with a dagger has doubled than the damage of my bow. my bow does 16 damage and my one hand dagger does 26 damage. if i equip 2 then it does 19 and 16 damage with 2 daggers. there is a huge diffrence and i was wondering if the damage of the daggers is based 100% on dex or is it same as bows dex/str. i am level 7 my stats are in order
11 str
34dex + 2 from gears
16 will + 5 gear
15 cun
i havent touched cun or str and i dont have lethiality so why does my daggers do insane damage. thanks in advance. i am telling u this as i want to be a good archer aswell not only duel wielder as i have ranger specialization to support archery.

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Well ranger is somehow better then duelist for an archer. assasin is really good so until i reach 14 i choose assasin as my second specialization.

its very cool tht you can use poisons and trap with just one skill in them but zevran comes with all poison skills but none in trap making so i guess i make someone else a trap maker or does it have to be a rogue.

i leveld up last night got lethiality for my archer and leliana i put all 3 attributes in cunning for both of us. heres the damage it went up by of my girl.
bow 16 +3
daggers 16 and 19 + 20 and 16.6
so bows damage is increasing slowly and thanks to u. i hope if i need any other help ill find you answering to my question. i wanted to ask you which class is your favourite and what did you do with it when you played with you character.

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Your just like me i have played dragon age 4-5 times. i havent finished the game as i keep starting the game again when i reach landsmeet. all the times i started the game i chose mage. mages have been my favourite in all games but i wanted a diffrent storyline so i chose a rogue this time. iv still got my mage character but i am playing with rogue girl as well. i also wanted to be a king which a mage cant and so i thought i choose a rogue girl so she can become a queen and i am going to get awakening aswell. i wanted to ask you iv got ranger and the bear is awesome for tanking but i am doing the bercilians forest quest and i am finding it awfully hard to beat revenant. i am level 7 and with my mage i was level 11 so it took me less tries and i used alot of portions when i played with a mage. i know i am a very low level but i have every equipment like coatings,grenades, traps and potions. i make alistair use taunt or disengage but the activation for them is too low and as soon as the activation time finishes the revenant starts to hit my girl who deals the most damage. however i tried using traps and i succeded but without traps i stand no chance and i have to set million of traps which i dont like as i dont have good traps yet. any solution. i made sure i use backstabbing as often as i can and i do 30+ damage for my backstabbing and i use dirty fighting as foten as i can. you said you like mages so any spells that could help my rogue. i know some as i played with mages alot i actually remember all the spells by heart without the line which has "haste". grease, forcefield,mind blast, wlaking bomb. these i have so far to help my rogue but if you have any other spells that could help my rogue please tell me they can help me later on. i am bored with mages so i chose a rogue for more action and its pretty fun. thanks a million for even bothering to answer me when you dont have to seriously with you help i am starting to play this game more and more i might get addicted to it. lol

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Woaahhhhhh!! give me a break. with all this information the revenant is nothing against me. i somehow beat the revenant with just 5 potions used. i still have 3 more revenants left this information will help alot. the trick was i had my grenades with me. i used force field on the revenant while me and leliana chucked some grenades on the mods which were gatherd hitting alistair they easily died with them as we both had 2 grenades each with 20 sec cooldown but we had to make sure alistair didnt get hit by them. i seriously didnt know about disengage i tried reading the description 10 times but it dint make sense so i thought it must be to draw mods near not away. once the revenant was out of force field all the team focuses on him. i seriously didnt know about stunning, ice resistence, physical resistence check. i kept making morrigan use mind blast on revenant but it didnt work and on mods she used winters grasp which only took a tiny life i thought she is taking less damage because the mods have high constitution so stupid of me. i did go behind revenant try to backstab him but i didnt knw he doesnt get backstabbed. he killed me and alistair once by using the AOE spell you talked of. he swung his blade behind and forward dealing damage to both of us. you seriously know alot. i just wanted to ask you of another favour rather then troubling you if you please have a unique website that could help me with the problems i asked you as i have researched most of the websites which were quite useful but not as yours information. i dont feel nice anymore asking so much help from you with no favour asked back. however if theres anyway i can help to improve the rating of your account so please tell me. your the only one i have so far met who deserves it. you might want to know another user who has the same amount of knowledege about the game as you do. its ripstrawberry you might know him and he is a experinced player in this game just like you. i wonder reading both of you giving advise to one person about the same subject. i was thinking i stand no chance without my grenades and traps i wonder if its because of my low level or my way of playing anyways thanks alot.

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Well there was a thumbs up sign next to your questions i just clicked on it and you have 1 point or something. after you answering so many question i have understood how to carefully build a rogue that i want. i explain to you in basic and tell me if i am wrong and this is the last help i need from you and thank you alot for everything no one has botherd to answer without you.. if i want a archer rogue dex is probably the way to go and a bit of cunning for stealth this is because a archer wil have more chances of hitting and dodging attacks with dex and it will not be facing mobs so it doesnt need armor penetaration. more dex can help against other archers or ranged attackers. however a duel wielder is mainly about backstabbing so its very important to have a tank in party to attract mobs. this kind of rogue is not ment to fight face to face so it needs less dex and however more cunning as it will pick more damage by finding weak spots. it will also have armor penetaration which could be handy in fights. this kind of rogue still needs dex for a bit dodging and hitting. my route is both so i should have both well balanced. i absoloutely adore archery but at the start it is very weak so i should concentrate on more cunning at the start for backstabbing. however later on dex will be needed for an archer. however i am more into dex so i will keep that more the reason for that is dodging and never missing attack for an archer would be awesome. also with lots of dex you can sometime be untouchable by enemies as you dodge alot. another reason is i have three rangers me, leliana and morrigan. so i will need more protection. overall i think at the end if i have 100 points to spend i will put 65 in dex and 35 in cunning. cunning could be handy in persuasion, traps and armor. both of them give damage so both are worth it but i like dex. leiliana is pure archer so her dex all the way. i keep grenades with me in case of emergency and coatings are good for extra damage. traps i most likely will use by the doors.

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One last thing. i was thinking of wielding 2 waraxes( vesaille) which you get from bodhann. i just need to pump strenght to 31 and then i have lethiality to convert all str to cun. i know its for warriors but my damage will be really high and i will have 6 rune slots or do you think its wrong for an archer and duel wielder to euip axes? i am sick and tierd of finding good daggers the one you told me isnt good enough the best ones you get is from awakening or downloadable content which may take time.

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CrippledCarny answered:

Anyone can level up trap making whether they're a rogue, warrior or even mage. Having a rogue focus on it is normally better as they get a skill point every 2 levels where a warrior or mage will get one every 3. So leveling trap making (or any skill) on a rogue moves much faster.

As for my favorite class, I think I would have to go with a basic Mage. All the crowd control and aoe damage is just too much fun. As well they always have something to do, unlike a archer or tank which is basically nothing more than auto attacking. Plus there is no question as to where you need to put your stats. Just stick it all in Magic!
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CrippledCarny answered:

Leliana makes for a great Ranger, because of the lack of necessary talents in the Archery tree. This means you can safely pick up the Master Ranger talent with out feeling like you've had to give up too much. Ranger for a player character who is duel wielding however, isn't so hot. Because you can only have one pet per character out at a time, if you have all four talents in the Ranger specialization, then the max amount of talents you can put in use are only 2. If you only put the first point in Ranger for the Wolf then the Ranger spec becomes a much easier pill to swallow. With that said this is a role playing game, and if you like your rogue with a pet spider then go for it.

As for the Bard spec, if you're using Leliana then there is no really need to get this. The only reason to pick up Bard is for the songs and if Leliana has them then there is no real reason for you to have them as well. You could do something like have Leliana play Song of Courage and you play Song of Valor to get both buffs, but really having one Bard is enough if you ask me.

The Duelist spec is kind of meh, imo. Dueling adds 10 attack and Keen Defense adds 10 def. Nice, but your attack and defense should be pretty high as is. However the 10 attack can be amazing at lower levels, but I would almost always take Bard or Assassin before duelist, so the point, in my case at least, is pretty moot. Upset Balance is kind of pointless in my opinion. Some people like it but non bosses tend to die too fast to bother and if I really wanted a targets armor lowered I would just have a warrior do it or pop Telekinetic Weapons on my mage. As well Upset Balance can only be used in melee.

Pinpoint Strike is what the Duelist really has to offer, or so it would seem. This talent turns all normal hits into criticals for the next 15 seconds, however, from what I understand, and I can't confirm this as I haven't tried it, but the talent is bugged and while it does turn normal hits into crits, it also turns what would have been a crit into a normal hit. As well if you're duel wielding this skill is just about pointless because you can not get a critical back stab. If you're attacking from behind, which you always should be if you're melee, then you will gain nothing from this talent.

(I should also point out that the Pinpoint Strikes talent, the +10 attack from the Dueling talent, as well as the +1 damage from the Specialization its self, does work with a ranged weapon as well as melee. Upset Balance talent, however, only works with melee.)

The real fun is in the Assassin Specialization. This is hands down the best Specialization a rogue gets. There is a down side however, it basically only works for melee. Mark of Death is a purely amazing talent. There are a lot of formulas as to the damage it will add but in almost every case it will add about 20% more damage. This is damage from all types, melee, ranged, even spells get the bonus. Make sure this skill is on every boss and every elite, most other mobs will die too fast to bother.

All the other talents under the Assassin spec are passive, and who doesn't love a passive skill? Anyway, Exploit Weakness will turn your cunning rogue into a monster. Lacerate will add a solid amount more damage to your backstabs as well, but the effect sadly does not stack. It is however, very easy to trigger as you only have to do over 10 damage on your backstab, and truly, I don't know how you can even get lower than 10 damage on a backstab. Feast of the Fallen is, at least in my opinion, the weakest talent of the specialization, however, that doesn't mean it's not good. It restores stamina when ever one of your backstabs kills something, and it's always a good thing to have more stamina.

(The 2.5% Crit chance from the Specialization, Exploit Weakness, Lacerate, and Feast of the Fallen, only work for melee. You can however use Mark of Death with a ranged weapon on, but it does have a short cast range so you'll most likely have to run up to the mob to use it.)
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CrippledCarny answered:

The Ranger pet summons do not have a time limit on them. So you can summon one as soon as you zone in and assuming it stays alive, keep it around till you're done with the area. No need to wait for someone to fall before summoning one. As well, the problem I was talking about with the Ranger only using 2 talents at a time is that you have 3 summon skills and one skill that will buff all 3. However, you can only have one summon out at a time, so while you've spent 4 points you're only get 2 points worth of talents.

As for the use of two bears and traps and all that, it seems you might be having a crowd control problem. Really Alistair (or any tank) should be able to hold must of if not all the mobs. Make sure you're having him make full use of taunt, doing it early in the fight and in ranged of all the mobs.

Anyway, if you didn't know, a cool thing about Poison Making and Trap Making is that you only need the first point in them to use poisons and traps. So you can have someone like Zevran get full Poison Making, have him make the poisons and just have one point in it on your character to use them.

I touched on the dagger vs sword thing in your other post. But basically dual wielding swords/axes is really better for dual weapon warriors. If you're looking for more Daggers you should think about getting The Edge. The Edge is a piece of free DLC from Bioware. It was given out to people who signed up for their Social Site within the first month. However, it does not check for authorization so anyone can download it and use it without problem. You can download it at the DragonAge wiki here

As for bow damage vs melee damage. Damage from your bow doesn't really pick up till late in the game, well after you've got lethality and over 60 dex or cunning, which ever you're focusing on. Is bow damage more than damage from melee? I'm not sure I haven't really compared the numbers. But a good dual wield build and quickly getting into backstab position can easily blow things up. And yes, Daggers get 50% damage from Dex and 50% from Str or Cunning if you have Lethality.
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CrippledCarny answered:

Well first of all I should point out that while the game does scale with level there are some places that are really meant for higher levels then others. Normally you should the Tower and Redcliffe first followed by Sacred Ashes, Orzammar, and the Forest. Orzammar and the forest can be done at any level but it will be much much harder at a low level like 7.

All the Revenant fights are optional, and if you're having too hard of a time with them you can just skip them and come back at a higher level. If you do want to fight them however then you'll need to understand their mechanics. They have a ton of armor, a ton of health, and on top of that they have a steady health regeneration. They also will do a kind of aoe attack around them if they have more then one person in melee range of them. So if you're finding there is too much damage out put from them move your rogue from melee to ranged. As well they can not be backstabed so may see a higher damage out put from your ranged attack anyway. Another thing to note is they are immune to Cold and Nature damage. So if you have your mage auto using Winters Grasp or something, then turn it off for this fight. You're only throwing away mana. They are also immune to stuns, so using dirty fighting isn't going to help.

While they are immune to stuns, they are not immune to paralyze. However hitting them with the spell is easier said than done as they will almost always pass the Physical Resistance check.

From the sound of it you don't have a Two Handed Warrior with you so having someone do Sunder Armor isn't going to help vs the Revenants high armor. You could turn Telekinetic Weapons on, however, this, and other mage weapon enchants, only effects melee. So your archers won't get the effect. If you do keep your rogue in melee on him then it would be worth turning on. It all depends on if you feel you can take the added damage from it's aoe.

It is an undead, so like all undead it takes additional damage from fire. However, most fire spells being aoe you can't really effectively use them on him unless you bomb your team as well. Although if you're careful not to hit your tank, a flame blast could help a lot.

As for the adds that spawn around him I would suggest killing them first. Have Alistair focus on the Revenant while your mage focuses on healing Alistair. You and Leliana should run around taking down the adds then focus on the Revenant once everything else is dead. You and Leliana might have to keep your selves alive with potions and the like, as until your tank gets some massive armor, they'll will be about as strong as paper, and will need your mages full attention.

Make sure your mage takes full use of Force Field on Alistair. Even when someone is in the Force Field they still keep all their threat. So dropping it on Alistair right after he taunts at the start of the fight is a great way to free up your mage to help blow up some of the adds. As well you should NEVER, EVER, EVER, have your tank use disengage. It drops his threat and will make him lose aggro which can easily result in the death of everyone.

If all else fails you could of course use the trap trick. But that may as well be cheating!
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CrippledCarny answered:

I believe you can pick an answer someone wrote to your question and mark that it answered your question or something. I guess the person who has the right answer gets like +1 awesome point or something. I don't really know how it works, haven't followed it too closely.
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