Question from g0Abby

Asked: 4 years ago

Can I download the same DLC again? Pls help!

I have DA and 3 DLC on my old PC. I'm getting a new, more powerful PC soon. How to I transfer the 3 DLC from my old PC to the new PC? Can I download them again for free? Pls help me out.

Accepted Answer

From: kuvuplan 4 years ago

When you purchase the DLC, it is tied to your Bioware account. The one you used to purchase the DLC.

After (re)installing Dragon Age, you should be able to log-in to your account, click on the downloadable content on the opening screen, and download from there.

A warning, some of those downloads are in the order of 1 GB downloadable files. It may be faster to find those files on your current PC, and copy those over in the respective locations to reduce download time.

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