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Can't go on through the story.?

Hi.. I recently completed the game as a Human Noble and decided to start over as a Magi..
was about to defend redcliffe village from the darkspawn invasion (had
just convinced the smith that i would search for his daughter) when i
decided to go back to the camp to heal my injuries..
Just before i leave a guy stopped me asking me why i was leaving so i reassured him that i would return..
Now that i have returned to redcliffe , i dont seem to be able to find anyone to talk to..
As i remember i should find Murdock again outside of the Smithy and talk to him for a second time...
The problem is that Murdock isnt there anymore.. Any suggestions? Thanks. :)

3leven provided additional details:

Loading to a previous state is not an option as i completed a very hard side quest before returning to redcliffe..

Accepted Answer

letsrock53 answered:

I suppose leaving redcliffe before completing the defend quest makes the zombies angry. Without you around to protect the town, everybody is DEAD. I am not 100% sure. Played the game 8 months back.
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3leven answered:

Thanks a lot... I also read that occasion somewhere else and i was shocked...
If every1 dies , how will the storyline advance? :O
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