Question from ThanatosSlayer

Asked: 4 years ago

Shops and their contents. Missable?

I was wondering about something.

I know shops get new things as the story progresses but do they loose older items? I mean, are there any missable items in shops or even any missable shops? Can I just wait a bit, earn money through lyrium pots and buy everything?

Accepted Answer

From: plucky027 3 years ago

1) Sort of, nothing overly important other than minor amounts of potions and such. An exception would be Bodahn in your camp. You'd miss the opportunity for multiples on some very nice items.

2) Not exactly, but it's possible to not go thru a story arc properly, such as killing the merchant before trading with him.

3) Yes.

Very few vendors change their inventory contents to begin with.... And it's nothing to worry about.

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