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When does the Blight spread on ure map and what does it matter?

Everytime i travel (which is after ive done a plot quest) the blight spreads further on my map. Now does it spread because i travel, or because ive finished a plot quest?

Also, what does it matter? I mean, is it like when the blight covers the whole map the game is over and u lost? (which cant happen if the answer to my first question was that it spreads after a plot quest)

Oh, and plz dont answer with freaking lothering as an example, i saw some1 else ask something like my first question, and all the answers were with lothering in them... And were useless.



Accepted Answer

kuvuplan answered:

It is plot based.


Lothering is the only time you will see it spread on your map, unless you count the blood splatters on the map that grow with time, those are just for flavor and have no gameplay effects..

It spreads when you complete your recruit your first allies after leaving Lothering, and then again when you have recruited all allies.

It matters because you cannot go to blight infested zones. These consist of Ostagar and Lothering. When it hits the End game, this list is significantly longer.
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