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Is there a Point the Urn of Sacred Ashes has to be retreived before?

Mainly trying to find out if theres a plot point that I have to complete the quest involving the Urn of Sacred Ashes and reviving the Arl. Like does it need to be done before certain other events or no.

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kuvuplan answered:

The Urn of Sacred Ashes is one of the main quests that needs to be completed before the Landsmeet. You will be unable to start the Landsmeet if the Urn of Sacred Ashes is unfinished, along with any other Plot quest.
It can be done at any time, though it is generally done after Redcliffe.

The only thing that quest has that can be miss-able, are the knights in Lothering. Investigate the corpses as soon as you enter Lothering for the first time, and the knight in the Chantry.

The other bit of timing, that quest does give you some quest items you can give to an Armorer in Denerim to make the (possibly the) best Armour in the game. The sooner you do that quest, the sooner you can make that armor, thus maximizing your time using it. However, nearly every plot quest has some item or bonus that helps out. Mages Circle is still the best first quest to do.
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