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Leliana Quest Help *possible spoilers?*

Hello. This is currently my second playthrough of DA:O. In my first one, I was able to have the romance option with Leliana. In my second one, however, I cant quite get it to work. I have talked to her about everything, the only option left is "Let's move on" or something like that. Also, I have her affection maxed out.
I have cured Arl Eamon as well as gotten Harrowmont on the throne and destroyed the Anvil of the Void. So far, I have not encountered the random mercenary that attempts to kill Leliana and my party, and Leliana is ALWAYS in my current party. Though I have not encountered those mercenaries, I do know a dwarf that I am about to kill if I ever get the opportunity... Anyway, could someone please help?

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Diviner88 answered:

One of these may be the reason:

1) You accidentally chose a dialogue option that closes off Leliana's romance path.
2) If you haven't given her the flowers yet, do so and choose the romance dialogues.
3) A very, very unlikely case of bug. I don't think this is the case, since I have gone through the game many times than I care to count and romanced Leliana each time (yes I'm a sucker for her accent and cuteness) and not once have I encountered this.

Hopefully these answers can help you. Good luck!
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