Question from crazed99

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I beat a revenet?

Im in redcliffe trying to get inside the castle but everytime I fight I can defeat all the undead enemies except for the revenet. Even with the knights helping me we all end up dead, is there an easy way to kill the revenet.

Accepted Answer

From: merlin2530 2 years ago

1) Have at least 2 characters equipped with bows/crossbows. When you come out the door into the courtyard, hold everyone and sneak those 2 characters up until the archers at the top of the stairs appear (but not too far, or you will pull the Revenent too early). Some shots may be blocked, but you should be able to kill the archers and split the battle into 2 pieces.

2) Make a B-line with your whole party for the lever, get those knights in the battle first and then take out the undead henchmen first.

3) Keep in mind you can use heal and regen boosters on the knights. The more of them there are the more damage they inflict and the faster the Revenent goes down. Keep all non-melee players back, Revenents emit a light blue aura that is damaging to everyone close to it. There is no reason for archers or mages to stand in this aura. Try using potions on party members, heal spells on knights. It could be useful to install any cold iron runes into weapons too.

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