Question from SJMinkoff

Asked: 4 years ago

Where do I find the Chasind horde in the Korcari Wilds?

I found the Chasind rock sign, but don't actually SEE it. It's on my map, and I am looking right where it should be, but nothing. Can anyone post a screen shot of the actual clue to see if I am just getting a graphics glitch?

Accepted Answer

From: adept23 4 years ago

The Tab key is your friend for quests like this. Holding down the Tab key will both highlight any interactable object on the screen and cause its name to appear. Just mouse around where the name appears until your icon changes to the interacting eye thingy.

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Submitted Answers


To find the Chasind horde you need to find a number of small areas on the map that are indistinguishable except for an X showing up on your map.

Move to that area, then move the mouse over the area looking around for the 'Chasind marker'. Right click on it to find another X. Check your map often.

The Chasind horde ends up in the log by the fire, in an area just after the bridge with the traps around it. Can't miss it really. There's a lot of enemies just prior to finding that area.

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