Question from yuribroda

Asked: 4 years ago

Warden's Keep DLC - where are the party headquarters?

Once the Warden's Keep DLC is installed, where do i get the party headquarters? Do i need to finish the warden's keep quest to get the house, or do i need to do something else to get it? What city does it appear in? I've got tons of loot and i keep selling it becuase i've got nowhere else to put it... help!

Accepted Answer

From: Vortel64 4 years ago

You need to complete the Warden's Keep DLC before it becomes available. It isn't a house, but a chest set up by the merchant that sets up shop in Warden's Keep once you have cleared it out.

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I just wanted to know, when I should install/buy it. Would it interrupt with the main story or show things coming up later on, as I've read somewhere else?

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