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Asked: 5 years ago

Deep roads. Cant find trenches?

I found the dwarves journal about going into the trenches, Then I went to the Crossroads where they said I had to go and I'm not seeing any trenches on my map while at the City screen(go to Ozammar or the Underground cities) or when I'm in the run-around screen. What gives?

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From: DNShepard 5 years ago

Go back to the area you found the journal. There is a passageway you missed that will take you do the trenches.

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What areas exactly do you have open to you on your map?

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you have to run through the deep road all the way to the far east (at least on the map under M) and automatically end up at the Dead Trenches. It's a bridge with dwarfs defending one end and darkspawn coming in from the other. If you encounter a mad dwarf residing near an abandoned dwarf town you'll know you're on the right way. Or I don't know if this works for sure, but follow the fractured stones, seeing as how they should allow to follow Bragna's footsteps.

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Thank you DragonFlames! Your answer was most helpful. I did as the other fellow and went all the way back to Caridins Cross as the game instructs you to do. I too missed the passage way! Cost me a hour of fruitless searching!

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