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Asked: 5 years ago

Help finding a armorsmith?

Where can i find a armor smith who can make me dragonscale armor

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From: danjal 5 years ago

Wade's Emporium in Denerim indeed, first he'll refuse using the dragon scale.
He'll have two attempts on drake scales (assuming you have enough of those) after which he'll be sure enough of himself to try the dragonscale, you'll get a choice between 3 sets.

As always having high enough coercion and such will allow you to get free armor and an angry shopkeeper (the armorer just loves to help you out and almost is willing to PAY for the chance to work on drake/dragonscale)

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Do you mean the drake scale armor? If so, simply head to the Market area of Denerim, and you'll see Wade's Emporium marked on your map. Head in, and Wade will make the armor for 10 sovereigns (gold pieces). But wait! Wade will make a second, even better set of drake scale armor for 20 gold pieces with more drake scales. (I had enough drake scales from the Urn quest for both.) The suits of armor are well worth it, strong enough for a lower-level warrior yet with low enough requirements for a rogue to handle.

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Wade's Emporium, located in Denerim Marketplace. He will make armours from dragon scales, as well as the special scale from slaying the dragon using Kolgrim's Horn on the mountain top.

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