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Asked: 5 years ago

Morrigan - Love Approval ?

I got Morrigan at 100% on Approval. And when I talk to her she gets very wierd and stuff, with things that she finds the love between her and my character a weakness and I got "release her" from that. And if I accept the game remvoes 15 approval points (I suppose its to move my relationship with her under "Love"). Is there anyway to not make this happen?

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I can get out of that conversation without disapproval, but the option that began that conversation its still available. O_O

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I'm still in doubt. Is there any way to prevent, that feeling of "weakness"?

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I finished the Grimoir Quest. That's how I got her at that rate to start.

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Hmmm... Everyone gave the same idea... who do I accept? =O Meh, going to chosse the one with more info =P

Accepted Answer

From: link882 5 years ago

Morrigan isn't exactly -against- love just that she has never experienced it before(its a new feeling to her and she is right that its something that a normal girl doesn't feel cause a normal girl isn't -scared- of love) and the way its making her feel she thinks it a weakness, and considering her upbringing she doesn't want to be weak or dependent.

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Well, I don't remember the exact conversation, but Morrigan is generally against love etcetera, so try to give answers which show that you don't care about love and just did it for pleasure. If you do that you shouldn't get disapproval from her...I think.

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Keep in mind Morrigan's basic personality, her upbringing with Flemeth has made her very Cynical as you can tell from her dialog. She is probably the only of the companions you can drive away by having too high an approval rating.

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There is no way to stop Morrigan from thinking love is a weaknes etc. I've tried every possible conversation combination you can think of. Although i havent finished her quest so maybe you can after. Not sure but her approval rating is 100(love). Maybe someone who has finished her quest can let you know about that.

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You can't. Period. I've tried it too, but there's no way to overcome this fear of having an actual relationship.

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