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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I heal my injuries?

It may sound novice, but I don't know how to heal my injuries that I receive when one of my character's die. Can anyone tell me?

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From: asaphelps 5 years ago

You use Injury Kits the same way as Health potions. You can either use them in the inventory or drag them from the inventory to your hot bar and click them. The injury they heal is random (I think). Later on in the game you can get Injury Kits that heal more injuries.

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Use Injury Kits. (Lesser Injury Kits heal one injury, Injury Kits heal up to 3 injuries, Greater Injury Kits heal all injuries)

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You can also just rest in camp when you get far enough along that you can select that option off the world map.

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If you have a Spirit healer specced Mage in your Group (Wynne) you can switch to Cleansing Aura which will also help heal Injuries.

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Use Injury Kits, yes, but I AM a novice. lol How are these to be applied? I can't seem to find this answer in the manual....thanks in advance.

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