Question from Saiuke

Asked: 4 years ago

Sex Scenes?

Are the sex scenes with Morrigan, Lelianna,so on and so forth, repeatable (viewable the 2nd time) or is it just the kiss. Its all quite humorous.

Accepted Answer

From: shadowfiresword 4 years ago

Pretty sure its all just one time, unless you play the game through again. Though they might change that in a later patch.

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Morrigan is definitely a one-time thing; haven't had a chance to try any of the others.

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Technically there's two with Morrigan, depending on your ending choices...

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I could redo my "Morrigan scene" multiple times since she invites the Player character to her tent very early in their relationship. So she seems to just enjoy it and dont mind doing it plenty until a certain point(When I couldnt, cant remember why though) while Leliana seems to be a single even thing.

But then I tried it out to see if it would give me more relationship points with Morrigan, by doing it again but that is not the case.

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