Question from NuclearSunset

Asked: 5 years ago

Is the spell "Arcane Bolt" different than the basic attack of a staff??

And are there any staves in the game that have a basic attack other than arcane bolt?

Accepted Answer

From: Magus_Rune 5 years ago


Arcane Bolt is the first skill in the Mage tree. It does more damage than your basic staff attack and has a greater range. (You'll notice when you acquire Morrigan she does not have any points in that tree, thus does not have the spell).

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Arcane Bolt is a cast spell, not a basic attack. Mage's only do basic attacks if they have a staff equipped. Arcane Bolt can be used at any time, just like any other spell and it has a short cool-down time. And to the second part, all staffs that I've come across have the same basic attack animation.

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