Question from sirmat22

Asked: 5 years ago

I've instaled DLC and the new area dont appear on map?

I dont know if i need to talk to someone before the area appears or load something else ... or whatever

help please thank you

Additional details - 5 years ago

I've checked about the dude and he's not threre and the sulcher pass is not there too

Accepted Answer

From: tetsuo93 5 years ago

It depends on which DLC you are talking about, if it's the DLC for Shale, a map called "Sulcher's Pass" will be on your world map. If you are talking about the Warden's Peak DLC, a member of the Dryden family appears in your camp with a quest icon above his head. He should be in plain view dude.... to the left of the Merchants. I'd ask if you've downloaded the DLC or not, but if it's for Warden's Peak, you don't even have to d/l it for the dude to appear in your camp.

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