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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve "An Admirable Topsider"?

I've collected all of the codex entries regarding the elf topsider in the deep roads. Now the quest journal says that the story has revealed the location of his final battle with the darkspawn. The final codex also hints that a new sword will be found there. My map, however, has nothing marking any kind of POI. I've tab-searched through every map of the deep roads, and I can't find anything. What am I missing?

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From: bananapants 4 years ago

The three pieces of the topsider blade must be collected in the deep roads. The blade (the part I had trouble locating) is found on a high level ancient darkspawn in the dead trenches. After they're collected, bring them back to the topsider's tomb in the Ortan Thiag.

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You have to find all three pieces of the topsider's blade(they can be found on enemies you kill) and then you return the assembled weapon to his grave in uh. Caradin's cross.

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