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Asked: 5 years ago

Armor of the Divine Will?

I recently purchased a chest piece called "Armor of the Divine Will", but so far I haven't be able to find any other pieces. Has anyone else found them?

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Or do any additional pieces even exist?

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From: NeilVaage 5 years ago

It doesn't have any visible set pieces, but when I exchanged the Effort body for the Divine Will one, I noticed that I still kept the Effort set bonus, so you can use the helm (Duty Helm, dig it up with Dog anywhere in Deep Roads), hands (Collect codex entries in Caridan's Cross and then you get access to Drifter's Cache) and feet (Buy them at merchant in Dust Town) of the Effort set together with the body for a set bonus. (It doesn't match all too badly either).

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First check if it is a piece of armor set. (For pc) Right click and examine it with the "eye" symbol. If it mentions set bonuses, then there must be more pieces out there. But my guess is that's a rare or enchanted item, like many others in the game. For instance you'll get a bow from a slaver, a 2-handed from one of Loghains' henchman and so on. You'll also find plenty of rings and shields with unique names (and even story found in the codex), but that doesn't necesarily make them set items

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Where do you buy the armor of the divine will ?

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