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Asked: 5 years ago

Do characters gain experience outside of main party?

Do characters that aren't in your party gain experience on the sidelines? I wondering if I switch characters, will I have to grind to get them up to par?

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From: GForce9x 5 years ago

Yes. Characters you leave in camp, as well as characters you have not yet recruited will level up along with you. However, as characters level up on the sidelines, their skills/talents will automatically be chosen. So if you want to have more control of choosing your party memebers' skills, you need to have them in your active group.

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Yes, even the characters you leave in camp will gain experience as you level.

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As to what GForce said, this is true of characters you have not yet go into your group. Anyone you leave in camp does not automatically have their skills picked for them unless you check the "autolevel" button on the bottom right of their character screen. I've left characters in camp nearly the entire game until the end and then went through 12+ levels of picking their skills and such.

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It's best to leave some characters unlevelled - you can give them certain skills you might need for quests.

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