Question from Reapper77

Asked: 5 years ago

Taking the Best out of Warden's Keep, please help me... (?)

Here's the thing... I've beat the warden's keep DLC quest...
but what i did was:

>> My character's got evolved coercion, so i persuaded the Sophia Demon/Commander to seal the veil before i went to the tower to kill the mage....
>> I got to the tower, then i drunk the vial on the table, that granted me 2 blood powers...
>> Then I talked to the mage, found out his violent experiments, but then, cuz he took his power from the veil (and looked just like an old hag waiting to die), i kind'a pitied him, and, thinking that maybe i could get some advantage out o'his experiments, i left him live to come back later...
>> Then Went back to sophia, she got a little mad, but then i killed her and got the badass commander armor... it was quite easy since the veil was already sealed...

But then, i tried to come back after a few days, and apparently i just couldn't get INSIDE the castle tower anymore... So i just stood w/ the 2 blood power spells and can't get the other 2...

So f anyone took better profit from de DLC please tell me how...
...Thks in advance ;P

Accepted Answer

From: magikot9 5 years ago

There aren't another 2 blood powers. So far each class only gets 2 abilities for drinking the potion.

Seems like the only thing you missed was asturian's might which is a sword you can get if you find all 4 codex entries.

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Yup, what magikot9 said. The only major items you get are the commander armor from sophia, the robes of avernus from the mage after killing him (don't worry if you are a playing a good character, dialogue justifies it) and the two power of blood abilities, plus the asturian's might sword in the hidden cache accessible after all four codex entries have been found.

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