Question from McSqueeks

Asked: 5 years ago

With the Campsite, what do I do with the Emissaries? (See detailed info please)

More specifically, I talked to them and asked them if they needed anything and one said money and the other wanted runes (Redcliffe and Magi respectively). I would love to give them these things but I don't know how. Again, you only get these people in your camp once you've gotten their agreement to join you.

Ex: The Mage Emissary appeared after I fixed the Tower.

Accepted Answer

From: ElliotCarver 5 years ago

Next to the emissaries there is a set of crates. If you select the crates, a dialogue screen appears in which you can donate the items they want as long as you are carrying them in your inventory (Ex. The option to donate runes only appears if you have runes in your inventory).

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as above, you ll get 4 of them in total. you only give them stuff for XP. its your choice, do you want the money to spend or gain XP.

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