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Is Dragon Age Origins fully explorable like Oblivion or is it level based?

This is a concern about game layout.

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Difficult to give a fair comparison to TES4:Oblivion, especially since TES3:Morrowind ruled and TES4:Oblivion sucked! =P

If you want a comparison... Knights of the Old Republic is the game to compare Dragon Age: Origins to.

Once you have finished your Origin story and the setup story in Ostagar and Lothering you are free to go anywhere you want and do main and side quests in any order you choose. The ending of the game will then move back into a set storyline to finish things up.

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Essentially, no, it is not fully explorable in the sense that Oblivion was. You must select destinations from a ma and are taken there automatically, whereas in Oblivion you had the option to make your own way.
In short, you may only access specific areas.

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