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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I have that threesome/foursome?

I know its possible with the main character, leliana, zevran, and isabela...i just dont know how

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From: seekuh 5 years ago

You will need a very high persuasion score for this one.
also you will have to be in a romance with whichever character you want to have the threesome/foursome with.
depending on character: Alistair-you will have had to toughen him up after he met his sister in Denerim,
Zevran is pretty easy.
If you want a foursome with Zev and Leliana you will need to have hardened Leliana after her Marjoliane quest. Tgis will be hard to achieve as as soon as the other character you romance is over 60% approval rating she will want you to make a choice. I think you can lie once, but after that she ll insist on choosing.
-basically dont get a too high approval score with the other person you re romancing
when you talk to isabella just ask- are there any other ways we could....... (when she says she d like to play cards against you before teaching you dueling)

hope this helps

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