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Asked: 5 years ago

The Best Ending?

Okay- So far, my favorite character in Dragon Age:Origins is Alistair, and he is romantically involved with my character- is there a way for me to become Queen whilest he is King and not sacrificing himself to the archdemon I keep messing up somewhere and I would like a bit of help. Thanks!

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From: plucky027 5 years ago

First, must be a Female Human Noble. Yes, this means you can't be a mage or any other race.

Second, you have to take Morrigan's Dark Promise, meaning you have to convince Alistair to conceive a child with her. This is the only way both you and Alistair will still be alive at the end.

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Lies. You can have Logaine die, therefore allowing you and alistair to live AND you don't have to use Dark Promise AND you unlock another achievement. =]

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